A King So Cold - Ella Fields

Review :

I have so many feelings right now, but the thing that stands front and center is THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A BOOK. It's passionate, it's wicked, it's wild, it's sexy, it's intense, it's fast-paced, and heart-stopping and magical and creative and just DOWN RIGHT ADDICTING. I read this in one day. I don't know how many pages it is (it's long), but I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. It held me captive, stole my heart, and I have the BIGGEST book hangover. I honestly feel like I lived a life inside this book. I lost track of time, of the world, of everything, it was that immersive, and now I'm back in the real world and ALL I want to do is DIVE back inside A King So Cold with Audra, Zad, and Raiden.

It's such an intoxicating read, the first book in a new fantasy series from Ella Fields, and pure perfection. Queen Audra is a complicated character but she embraces her challenges, her wickedness, her brokenness. She uses it to seek retribution for the betrayal she endured at the hands of her husband--The King--and she is one of the most captivating heroines I have ever read. An anti-heroine, Audra is full of fierce assertiveness and strength, and you can't help but feel and understand and connect with her.

I absolutely loved the way Ella Fields wove this story together. It's vivid and visceral. Audra's dynamic with Lord Zad and King Raiden comes to life in a twisty, dark, compelling, and complex way! These are some of the most enchanting and extraordinary characters I've read in a long time. They're flawed, very very very flawed, and frustrating, yet so wholly lovable. Their story is FULL of twists and turns, of magic and sex, of betrayal and lies, of loss and love, and it is EVERYTHING.

I completely lost myself in their chaos, in their heartbreak, in their darkness. It's an angsty read, there's a scene or two that's tough for sensitive readers, but it is one of the most UNFORGETTABLE, most UNPUTDOWNABLE reads of the year. It's pure MAGIC and PASSION, and I SIX STAR loved every moment. I cannot wait for more in this series. I AM SO READY FOR IT.

PS: If you loved From Blood and Ash from Jennifer Armentrout, you will LOVE A King So Cold. These books are two completely different reads, but they give those same all consuming, I-am-living-and-loving-this, reading-the-BEST-BOOK-ever, FEELS!!! Two of my most FAVORITE reads this year.

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