Review :

When I keep Byron Katie audio books on rotation in my car, I'm a happier person. They remind me of the joy inherent in embracing reality. Instead of muttering "Why is this #@%& person driving 55 in the left lane!" I accept that it's time for me to slow down for a bit. I remember the times that I was the out-of-towner driving slower than others would like, and I feel affection for the person driving the car that's making me slow down.

This book consists of passages from the Diamond Sutra, read by Katie's husband, Stephen Mitchell, who interpreted them, followed by Katie talking about how she understands the passage and its real-world implications. The audio book features two other readers, a woman and a man, who question Katie. They also take turns taking the place of people with whom Katie has done The Work of questioning their thoughts. I found the section about the gay man whose mother should understand and accept him very enlightening.

I understand that Byron Katie isn't for everyone. It can be challenging to accept that reality is always right in the midst of disasters and the current political environment. But a person whose thoughts are causing his suffering is less able to serve than a person who lets go of the thoughts that cause his suffering. Maybe Katie is only for those of us whose suffering would be overwhelming without her teachings.

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