AMERICAN DIRT by Jeanine Cummins

Review :

That beginning is gripping!!!

The most anticipated novel for 2020 - has the word controversy around it.
I wasn't even aware of the controversial issues until yesterday.

As pure FICTION - it's sooooo engaging!!
"In a different life, he could have been someone good".
"This isn't a different life".

Much to engage your thinking...
How in the world does one debate the degrees of violence

It changes something inside us!
Plus... It's not easy to stop thinking about the characters and all they were dealing with.

I can't think of any relationship more primal than a mother/child one.
I thought about....
"How does fear, grief, love, irrational love...justify our actions
How do we deal with the complexity of good and evil mixed with love"

The controversy over "American Dirt", is becoming as interesting as this novel itself. Has me pondering both sides.
a book that stirs our emotions and thoughts, as much as this book does.....
is definitely BUZZ WORTHY...
...for lack of a better word: 'entertaining'....

I've experienced being on both sides of 'positive/negative' - books....
heated- debates a couple of times.

In "Baby Teeth", by Zoje Stage, I was on the negative side.
A New York newspaper quoted me as calling it "fiction nonsense".
Many readers praised it with high ratings.
What was garbage to me was fascinating for others.

In "American Dirt".... I'm on the positive side. The storytelling is addicting.....thought-provoking....compassionately well written....and timely.

The *hype* started out gradually...
and gradually continued to grow.

Negative reviews started gradually...
but then.....
the 'controversy-wheel', kicked in fast...
than all the tea made in China.
There are several 'Dunkin-Slam' -nasty comments about this book. Things I hadn't thought about.
Even being a new Oprah pick is controversial. But maybe that happens often with Oprah picks

Comparison to "The Grapes of Wrath"....
as the new modern American novel.....
is also creating debatable conversations.
I definitely see the comparison - understand it anyway.
I just think ( and agree), that people who loved this novel as I did - and for many reasons- are TRYING to express how powerful and real this book feels.

"Why the extreme divisions on this book Why all the attention" Perhaps 'all sides' are coming from the same place
People 'care'!!!
Our tender sensitive sides don't want to see others suffer, be abused, treated unfairly, or killed.

In my opinion...
"Any 'die-hard-reader', would be a fool not to investigate all the hullabaloo....
surrounding "American Dirt".
One needs to read it first.

...Two thumbs up from me!
...I lost two nights of sleep.
...Daytime plans were canceled.
...Read with urgency.

A little question for those who have read it
What book do you think inspired Luca to talk

And... to everyone else....
What book would you like to read over and change the ending to be happier

riveting and extraordinary!!!!!

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