American Like Me Reflections on Life Between Cultures

Review :

Phenomenal collection of vignettes from children of immigrants that are at turns familiar and fresh, rib-tickling and eye-opening. Highly recommend.

America: yes, denied sleepovers (but justly so)!

Reshma: yes, denied custom name keychains! Glad she didn't change her name when she entered politics. Honestly, if there is a ballot with names I don't know on an issue I don't care about, I vote for the foreign name first, woman second, then just pick whichever name I've seen on the lawns in my neighborhood.

Al: fantastic how-to list for any one as canjoose as I am.

Jenny: our special occasion oh so American restaurant was, as my husband has us now calling it, "Redneck Lobster." My Egyptian friend's dad would go wild over Outback Steakhouse and their blooming onions. Like your family, can't imagine eating at a Sizzler-type joint anymore.

Padma: I, too, know the Siberia of sitting in the back of the Catholic school church!

Randall: interviewing your parents and grandparents is a fantastic idea. I began a blog for my mom but it only has four or five anecdotes. Not nearly enough!

Roxanne: "I don't have a family, I have an army." I have an army and a navy!

Carmen: I also did not learn at my parents' native language very well because they did not want to be confused and English was more important at the time. Now, I can understand most of it but I sound like a caveman when I speak.

Issa: on behalf of Ramadan observing Muslims everywhere (if I have to be the religions spokesperson for everything else, why not this), glad you gave Ramadan a shot.

Diane: representation does matter! That's why I'm so excited that my kids will see familiar brown Desi faces on TV, in the news, in comic books.

Liza: I like being racially ambiguous too!

Kumail: I never get tired of hearing about your journey from Pakistan to America and your first impressions.

Frank: "food violence" - another thing for me to feel sick about.

Jeremy: "I got better and better at tuning out their perceptions and negativity, and just focused on my own goals to shut out the haters." Good advice. Also good advice: drinking as many refills as you can at the old spaghetti factory.

America again: Who even are you Who told you that you could be an actress, an activist, and a great writer

Ravi: thank you for breaking down the Patel Ponzi scheme!

Lin: you are adorable.

Wilmer: your dad sounds like a gem.

Laurie: [thumbs up emoji]

Anjelah: Cholaville sounds fraught with danger!

Uzo: Oh! Your mom is the one who uttered that delicious quote "if they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoevsky, then they can learn to say Uzoamaka." High five to her highness!

Linda: The story of your exuberant father, so proud and joyful about his daughters when the homeland craves sons, reminded me of my own beloved father.

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