Apple Cookbook

Review :

I received the Apple Delights Cookbook as part of a Goodreads giveaway.

I entered the giveaway because of my mom: she's the one who cooks in our family and she really likes to try new recipes.
So when I saw the giveaways listed by Karen Jean Matsko Hood, I didn't even hesitate and I was lucky enough to win this book.

Even if I'm not so much of a cook myself, I can tell the recipes are very easy to make and the instructions really understandable. The baked goods sound delicious and my mom is already making a list with the first ones she wants to try.
I can even try myself some of the them.

The book is simple but what makes it more valuable are the "extras": poems, infos on health and different kinds of apples and history of them.

Last but not least, since my mom and I are Italian, we find the section about measures and their conversion on metric system extremely useful.

Like I said, English is not my mother tongue so feel free to correct any mistake I could have possibly made.

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