Attachment Theory

Review :

The Attachment Theory Workbook is a solid means of examining yourself and your relation to others. Equal parts theory and exercise, by the conclusion of this book you will have a solid understanding of your attachment type, the attachment type of those with whom you regularly relate, and how to use this knowledge to improve yourself and your key relationships.

The work within The Attachment Theory Workbook is not easy, and herein lies the power of this experience. This workbook will inspire you to take a close, honest look at yourself and your relationships, which is no easy task, yet highly rewarding when all is said and done. An effective method for progressing through this book is to read a section of theory until you reach an exercise and then complete the exercise. If you do this amount of minimum work daily, you will progress through the workbook at a regular and achievable pace.

The Attachment Theory Workbook is perfect for those who enjoy self improvement and are seeking to optimize their experience and relationships within their daily life.

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