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This is the 'client' version of book Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. The books are very similar but the index is much better in this one, and it has a few extra chapters such a the one about Incest. There are far less 'triggering' words in use and the overlap from Healing the Unimaginable is considerable. I don't think it's worth getting both.
The information in this book is excellent. It does not tell you what to do or what to think - it allows you to develop ideas and understanding yourself. Karnac books are doing a special deal on the kindle and paperback book of bought together, which is certainly helpful since you are able to search the kindle book for a particular term and carry out around more easily. It is not full of psychobabble and does not need you to hold particular beliefs to benefit from it. It allows you to take time working out what your own thoughts and ideas are, which is key some after all survivors need to think entirely for themselves in order to overcome part 'mind control'.

Multiplicity is actually understood in this book and not seen as a' disorder' to be 'cured' by becoming a singleton. Internal leaders have sections addressed specifically to them, and the value of each insider's role is explained, with examples given. Many excellentcontributions by survivors, including a number who are active in

I think survivors of such extensive abuse will find the book excellent. Do not lend it to anyone - you may never see out again!!

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