Bethany-Kris - Captivated

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Re-read October 2019 - Loved it just as much this time around, this author just does it for me

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Captivated. That I was, totally and utterly.

Only Bethany-Kris can take two young characters, give them "old souls" and make it all about them rather than their ages. And she did it with Joe and Liliana to perfection, once I started their story I never gave it another thought. There's no NA drama or melodramatics

Another thing I adore about her writing is her characters. I love the way they love each other, I love that it's not rushed, they fall into like before falling in love. It's just so real and believable. I fell so hard for both Joe and Liliana who are absolutely perfect for each other. Joe is just incredible, gah that man had me (a grandma!) swooning so many times it's ridiculous! Liliana is quietly strong, despite what she survived.

Captivated is a gentler read than her other mafia books, its more relationship driven though we still get to catch up with the Marcello and Rossi famiglia; and there's a good suspense line running through but still, the focus is all on Joe and Liliana. BK made them work for their happy but wow! Was it ever worth the work. Fan-bloody-tastic

All the stars for this one, I LOVED it!

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