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Bethany-Kris is one of my fav authors. I will read anything and everything she writes. I've got crushes on many a heroine and serious love for a handful of her heroes...or actually, I should say, my heroes ;) Ha!

She's my Mafia Romance Queen, but hang on a sec... this isn't a mafia story. Cozen is something completely different. Some might say, BK took a chance, straying from her dynamite trademark underworld of La Cosa Nostra, but I beg to differ. This lady can write. Her prose is exquisite, poetic and moving. Her stories not only ensnare you in whatever world she's created, she's sure to always surprise you.

I was beyond giddy when I heard she was writing a heist novel. And let me tell you, hold onto your horses! Cozen is spectacular.

This new world she has created was captivating, high-octane and I loved every word. I couldn't get enough. Unlike anything she has ever written before. I can't even talk about the story because I don't want to spoil one delicious moment of it.

I highly recommend this book. You must read Cozen!!

*I voluntarily read this ARC*

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