Bethany-Kris - Cross + Catherine 1 - Always

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The Principe & Principessa

This book....This flipping book left me sobbing in agony. My heart is shattered. Broken in little tiny pieces. My emotions are all over the place, and I'm trying to come up with words to describe my feelings. To say I'm shocked is an understatement!

Cross... My heart will forever be yours.... well.....same goes for Calisto. XD

The love he had for Catherine, was so beautiful to read. He would go to the ends of the earth to make her happy. Consequences be damned.....he puts her feelings above all. She was the only thing that mattered in his life.

My sweet sweet Catherine....
Her strength left me speechless. What she has to go through made my heart bleed.... I sobbed right along with her. She needed help, but couldn't come up with the courage to tell her loved ones... Felt that no one would understand why she is on such a downward spiral.

First love was the worst.
First love was poison.
First love was pretty and dangerous.
First love made it hard to let go.

To see characters from other series of BK'S was bittersweet. And I'm so looking forward for what is to come in future books. BUT... I have to say the ending to this story RUINED ME!!! At the 97% mark I kept checking to see how much pages were left....once I got to the last paragraph... I dropped my tablet and sobbed in my pillow. I am such a wreck right now.... my POOR HEART CAN'T TAKE THIS!! But after finishing, and calming down, I will say this book was simply perfection. I devoured this story and loved every single minute of it. Especially Calisto and Cross's banter. He will be the death of him... that is for sure. XD

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