Bethany-Kris - Cross + Catherine 3 - Unruly

Review :


I accept that I'm in the minority where Catherine is concerned....a lot of readers liked her and I would love to agree with them - but then we would all be wrong. For me she played the victim so well, using her mental health as an excuse in justifying the decisions she made in books 1 and 2, so much so, I'm surprised she didn't carry around her own body chalk . So yeah, she is never going to be one of my favourite Bethany-Kris characters, unlike Cross. Cross is one of my favourite bad-boys, right up alongside Anthony (Filthy Marcellos, book 1). He was and is, simply Crossmazing. His mantra should be FISH (f**k it, sh** happens) and FISH certainly took place in this book.
It's five years on from where book 2 left off and Cross and Catherine's life together is still unpredictable, still uncontrollable, still not getting enough time together, still unruly - so typical of Bethany-Kris's writing style. And that's not all - Zeke messed up and nearly caused a street war with the Russians, Cross's gun running escapades nearly cost him 20+ years in jail and Andino is still being a wally (what's new) AND Catrina showing Catherine why she is Regina, the Supplier Queen and I LOVED it.
Books 1 & 2 were 4* for me, this was truly unruly and worthy of 5*

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