Bethany-Kris - Cross + Catherine 3.5 - Cross + Catherine The Companion

Review :

How is it possible to love Cross & Catherine more than I already do I love them individually but I outright, head over heel ADORE them as a couple. I love their love for each other. I love their love and relationship with their kids.

This companion novel is something I didn't realise I needed. It was full of bonus scenes that I was always curious about. It made me want to read Cross+Catherine's books again.

And can I just mention chapter 30.... I didn't think I would cry but I did. That was one of the most emotional scenes I've read and it was also very nostalgic (if you've read Revere you'll know what I'm talking about).

I thought I'd want a Cece book or even a Naz book but when I thought about it I think the way Bethany Kris gave us snippets of their lives in this book is just perfect. We know what we need to and I think that's the perfect way to end it.

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