Bethany-Kris - Dishonored

Review :

How How can BK write two villains that commit the most heinous crimes without batting an eyelid and have me rooting for them Seriously Well, she certainly did with Caesar and Aria. These two are vicious and manipulative, bad to the bone and totally own it. BK does not shy away from the brutality of their mafia world, at all but she does it in such a way I sort of accepted it. Huh!

Both Caesar and Aria have reasons for what they are and do, and this is revealed as their backstories are peeled away layer by layer. The author pulls no punches with this book, it's different from all her other books out there but brilliant nonetheless. Damn, does this author know how to play with my feelings. I was totally enthralled with this enemies to lovers story. It's pure dark genius!

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