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I'm going in...LOL April 8th

This was a buddy-read with my guuurls Irish, Shanny (although I call her Shhh) and Suz and it was a total hit for me...

I don't know how to put it mildly, so I'll go straight to the head!

Dear God, I got shot through the heart and he's to blame -
Lucian Marcello (the name itself gives me goose bumps) - Capo, the killer and yet the most gentle and attentive alpha male I have ever met , well had a chance to read about, that is - but he doesn't give LOVE a bad name (Bon Jovi just happens to fit in there like ordered) he makes it WORTH every pain, every beat, every breath in one's being.

I fell in love the instant I 've met him and he was suddenly in my head looking like this...

but he wasn't a man who gave love easily...and he didn't kiss cause...
"Kissing was so very intimate. Emotional, even. While sex was carnal, kissing was passionate. It filled in an entirely different way. Lovers kissed. It was almost meant to claim someone, to keep them, taste them, and have them for only you in that private way."

You see, I know exactly how the heroine Jordyn felt through out the whole story cause 100% of the time I wished I was her. LOL Nah, i ain't gonna post my picture here haha, but I would picture her like this ...

cause she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen...

She was a young woman who wasn't aware of her own strength, she was a survivor (had a rough life, mother a junkie and deceased, left in the hands of the MC club - whose name shall not be mentioned here, cause they were just so pissing me off, I just wanted them...well, dead - and that vile man, the MC President, Jesus, I don't even wanna spend any of my thoughts on that mother f*cker!- anyway, Jordyn was left at their mercy like some scum, trash to be f*cked and used...well, the f*ck NO!!!)

and this is where Lucian, my/her hero mobster comes in...

well, when they first see each other, it was like a flash of bright light, a vision that kept lingering in his head, torturing him, haunting him...and when he saw her again, his mind was set on her, cause this couldn't be a coinsidence...

He saves her, heals her from the horrid consequences of MC members' cruel beating that she took...and he gave her the ONLY thing she wanted at that moment from him - SAFETY, not asking or demanding anything in return...
"You asked me to give you something," Lucian continued, not taking his frustrated gaze off hers for a moment. "You needed to be safe, and I've done that. That meant to me I needed to make sure you didn't have to go back to that life at all.
But he was a very complex man, troubled with his own demons of the past, questions of selfdefinition, of total fullfillment and self appreciation under this hard mask of cruel...
he was also deflecting, he was holding himself back...from himself and from her touch, from her body, mind and soul...
"I already told you. I'm not a good man."
"I don't want a good man, Lucian," Jordyn whispered.
"You should. A good man who will give you everything you want, keep you safe, and adore you the way you deserve. You should want that."
"Funny, isn't that what you've been doing"
She was broken physically and she thought that matched her from the inside BUT he saw ...
"A female that drives me insane, but you probably don't even realize it. Skin the color of cream, and eyes like the sky. My hand molds perfectly into the curve of your waist and you fit against my chest beautifully. You smell like peaches. Your laugh is kind of musical. I watch you all the time, wondering if you're going to change somehow, and you don't.
And she's growin strong with him, beside him, for him...emerging into his world, excepting him for who he is and forming the person who she wanted to be to stand strong and proud next to her man. She was sassy and spoke her mind, protecting him and standing as equal in support and love...and was forever grateful for it...
"Thank you."
Lucian's dark brow rose. "For what"
"Keeping your promise and giving me safety. Taking me out of something I couldn't escape myself.
Being you, I guess."
"Only for you, bella mia."
She made me mad at one point but she redeemed herself toward the end and now I can understand why she did what she did...she had to, BUT still she pissed me off!

it was an infatutation at first sight, for all three of us, I guess! LOL

but they could only put it on hold for a small amount of time, the power, the pull was too strong, too carnal... and the resistance was futile
"What do you want" he asked her.
Jordyn's lips ghosted into a smile against his cheek. "Now"
"No games. Just tell me."
"You. I want you."
"Ho bisogno di te. Need, sweetheart. I need you."
But that is also the unknown territory for both of them...
"You want me to need you."
"I do," she agreed softly.
"Good, because I've never needed someone, Jordyn. Not once. I'm going to follow your lead with whatever this is."
"Show me, then. Show me what need is, Lucian."
And yet there were insecurities rising up and stirring the clear waters...but he was such a man about it, reasurring Jordyn, that she' s all he needs and wants
"Just let me apologize, Jordyn. I don't want you to be someone else. I don't need you to be anybody but exactly who you are. Maybe the way I've gone about this whole thing has made it seem like it, but I want you for you.
emotionaly and physicaly
"I want you," Lucian ground out through clenched teeth. "On me, soaking me, fucking me like you do."
God, the way he loved her, gentle and soft...
"High above her head, their fingers tangled together against the pillows. Hazel eyes stared into hers as gasping pants turned into rising cries. There was no gimmick to their love-making, no fast and dirty words or fucking. It wasn't needed. Her body responded to his so well without it."

yet hard and passionate...
"For a brief moment, Lucian simply felt her.
"I need you to move," Jordyn said hoarsely. Every muscle in her body felt wound up like a coiled spring ready to snap. "Please, just move."
Lucian laughed deeply. "Are we over gentle, sweetheart"
"So over. Fuck me."

This is my favorite part in the book (I won't tell what had caused this, but they had to be apart for a while and the need, the love is so vivid in his words and in his touch.., and through out the almost physical, carnal need he still respects her and keeps her safe....I was just swept away...)
"You know I love you, right"
"Of course."
"Good," Lucian murmured heavily. "Because tonight, I want to fuck you like I don't. If I have to leave tomorrow, I won't be able to touch you for who knows how long. I want you to feel me for days, bella. In you, on you my fist in your hair, fingers digging into your sides leaving marks, my teeth on your skin everywhere.
I need to know if that's okay," Lucian said quietly, a huskiness saturating his words.
Just bloody hell! What that man did to me! He ruined me for others! LOL and this was my undoing!!!
Lucian's mouth curved with a wicked smirk as he released her nipple. "Hurts, doesn't it You like a little pain. Tell me what I want to hear, beautiful girl, and we'll really get started."
"Sweetheart, say it."
Jordyn yanked on his hair, giving back that pain and making him look at her.
"I want you to fuck me."
"Christo, sì," Lucian groaned in response.
Such a dangerous man, a merciless, brutal killer, an executor...and somehow she (and me!) felt safe, protected, loved
"Revenge was sweet.
At two feet away, Lucian's Eagle met the man's forehead, stopping him.
"I told you it'd blow off your face."
It did. Lucian didn't flinch at the after spray of fluid, blood, and matter."

His voice was a command, sharp, clear and impersonal...
"Pull out a gun and I will shoot you," Lucian said loudly. "Move and I will shoot you. Look me in the eyes and I will shoot you. It's pretty fucking simple. The quicker we say what we want to say, and get what we came to get, the faster we'll be gone."
He was brutal, seeking for revenge, cold and eager to protect what was his...
"Where is Will Vetta" Again, no one answered. Lucian pulled back the trigger and didn't even blink.
"If I can't have Will today, I'll take second best as a prize, Ron. I think we've both earned it."
"I don't want Jordyn," Ron tried to say.
Lucian shrugged. "But Will does. I won't let him have her and you're a damn good example to make."
That effectively ended the conversation for Lucian. And Ron's life.

The story was flowing like the river, the current drew you deeper and further with every stroke...

I was in a movie with some awesome characters, Antony the Boss - phenomenal Papa bear of mafia, the true mafioso, cruel, dangeorus, commanding like the true Boss shoud be but justified and caring; Cecelia - the mafia mother Bee, as equaly determined and caring as her man and those two hot brothers - the youngest recless, manwhore Capo Gio (Giovanni) and elusive, hardcore man Dante - the underboss...

there are also characters that made my blood boil from anger and frustration, but since I was not able to do anything about it I just had to turn the pages to see how my fave people" would deal with those scums!

I loved reading and imagining picture perfect in my mind as my new favorite couple hold themselves in action, in banter, in support, in love...and some steam, too...
I want the kind of love from a man who knows and notices everything about me. From the silly little things, to the big things, and all the in-betweens...

She didn't want a good man. She wanted her kind of man."

Guuurl, who wouldn't You lucky bitch! LOL

Yeah, like I said he's my kind of mafioso, my kind of man, too just like this

God, i wish it never ended...

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