Bethany-Kris - Filthy Marcellos 2 - Giovanni

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4,5 STARS!!!

"The strongest people are the one who fight and win wars no one else ever gets to see."

Gio is the youngest son of mafia boss, Antony.

Gio was the trouble one. The black sheep. He was lawless and mostly, he loved it. Often times he didn't think things through, but he was cunning as hell got himself out of most bad situations he ended up in.

On his brother's wedding day, he meets Kim.

Who was this fucking girl

They spend night together.

Few months later, Antony sends Gio to Las Vegas.

There he finds Kim. Kim is engaged to mobster son Franco.

Who was she Since when had she become such a doormat that man like Franco had this kind of awful effect on her She had always been independent and proud of it, but now she felt weak. She couldn't imagine being married to him for the rest of her life.

It was a damn shame. This girl...this crazy, beautiful girl who was the first person to really make Gio feel like he was alive in long time, looked crushed. Pain thumped with the beats of his heart.

It is forbidden to touch the women of another made man. So why can't he stop

Fuck the rules. They never made a damn difference to him when he wanted something before. Gio wanted Kim. That's all there was to it.

"Falling in love is scary shit", Lucian said,
"Especially for men like us."

Fallin in love with her was easy, like blinking and breathing.

modern day Romeo & Julia + mobsters = PERFECT BOOK

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