Bethany-Kris - Filthy Marcellos 3 - Dante

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*5 Dante può leccare il mio birilli*

It's sadly the last and final installment in the filthy Marcello series but that doesn't mean it didn't go with out a bang, oh no. They say save the best for last and that's exactly what these filthy but addictive Capos did.

At age 29, Dante Marcello or more better known as the soon to be "Don of the Marcello Cosa Nostra" has accomplished all that he desired to become Boss. With great power comes even greater struggle and that's exactly what Dante has done for the past several years but now with the Boss title nearly grasping by his finger tips this under boss has ruled the streets with determination but there's only one problem, to become king he must have a Queen. Finding an italian wife before he hits 30 is something Dante can't figure out, but as it all plays out the Hunter gets hunted

"Spit it out. If you've got a problem, I'm willing to hear it. If you're too much of a goddamn coward to speak the fuck up, then sit the hell down and shut your mouth before I sew it closed. Do I make myself clear"

When the Queen calls the king arrives. In this case Catrina Danzi or Queen Pin. Working lucratively and fast this queen was making her own Kingdom until she needed a king to play the part. But this queen didn't come into the world of power easily behind her hazel eyes and perfect smile this queen had secrets that only a King could hide. And what a king does she find after capturing Dante's attention and not only with her killer looks, this queen makes a deal and there will be bloodshed after she sits on her throne. Matching all his criterias this king can finally goes to rest but sleep with one eye open love cause to figure it out you'll have to read the rest.

"Very little about a man interested her enough to keep her attention. The only reason she required men in her life was for business"

With both parties coming to an agreement that their relation is strictly for both there gain. Dante and Catrina are both ready to play the part but with Dante confessing on why he can't give Catrina what she needs emotionally as husband , Catrina has the same mutual feeling. But how long can lust hide.

"Good god, the girl could fuck. And she tasted like candied sin on his tongue".

"Again," she demanded.
"Oh, we're not done yet,"
Dante promised darkly.

it's not just all cat and dog chase in the bedroom but the Marcello's are in for a big shock, blood was promised and blood you shall get. A little torture and a whole lot of destruction it's finally game time cause this Mafiaso won't rest until the enemies are dead

Catrina smirked and whispered, "BOOM".

I can't tell you how ecstatic I am, no wait I can LOL. This is truly my top 5 favourite Mafiaso reads and definitely an amazing experience overall. It's extremely realistic as far as fiction goes and the best part is that I got to share this experience with most inspiring and wonderful bunch of women I've ever known I'm talking about my triple SSS's, Snow, Shanny and Suzanne you guys are the most filthiest and downright spectacular ladies I've come across LOL keep being filthy ;).

A BIG BIG BIG thank you to a remarkably beautiful and fascinating women Bethany-kris for fueling my mafia obsession by lending me an Arc of her book. Thank you all and espcially DANTE I LOVE YOU! ;)

ARC provided by Author for honest review

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