Bethany-Kris - Renzo + Lucia 3 - Contempt

Review :

5 Epically Perfect Stars

This book was everything. The last book in the Renzo -Lucia trilogy and it was epically perfect. You definitely need to read the previous two books but I promise that this trilogy is one not to miss.

Lucia's family is a big part of her and although she is so angry with her father, she loves him and it's that love that brings her back to NY after living in California for the last 5 years. She can table her anger while dealing with a family emergency. Renzo and his association with The League is fascinating. He's every bit of a rebel still but he is so much more now. But five long years have passed with no contact for Renzo and Lucia. Each lonely, each hurting, each living their lives but most of all, each NEVER FORGETTING. Their past mistakes lead to this 5 year separation but it was only temporary. The 5 years are almost up and Renzo's latest job has lead him back to Lucia. But he must wait for the full 5 years to contact her but when she's so close, can he really wait

It's hard to say more because spoiling the way this story unfolded would be criminal. It was full of feels for both Renzo and Lucia. My heart continually expanded and contracted throughout the entire read. My emotions bleed for each and every character and the storyline touched my heart in every way possible. It combined Ren and Lucia, his family and her family and created the most perfect ending to this trilogy.

I know I didn't say much about the plot but I promise this love story that spans 5 years is amazing. This author brings her A game to each and every book she writes. The passion, the love, the heartache and the mafia connection make for 5 stars each and every time.

*advanced copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

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