Bethany-Kris - The Chicago War 1 - Deathless & Divided

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"No one was deathless in this world."

This girl absolutely loves a great mafia story! To this day, The Godfather is still among my top three fave movies so, I'm discerning when it comes tales about La Cosa Nostra...Bethany-Kris, knows how to write kickin' mob tales!!

I discovered and became a fan with her Filthy Marcellos series and I must say, it just gets better and better. This story revolves around the Chicago Outfit run by four Italian families: Trentini, Rossi, Conti and DeLuca with Terrance Trentini as the head of the Outfit.

This tale is about Lily DeLuca. Her father was a rat and for that, when she was merely six, both her father and mother were murdered by the Outfit. Her two older brothers, Dino and Theo, have shielded her from the Outfit and try to give her some semblance of a free life. But now, she must face her fate as her oldest brother, Dino has ordered her back to Chicago.

Lily DeLuca "Coming back to Chicago felt like a death sentence to me."

Little does she know that her brother has called in a marker and she must marry into the Outfit as part of a business arrangement. Damian Rossi owes Dino DeLuca his life and in the mafia way, a life for a life. As such, Damian is to marry Lily.

Damian Rossi "Debts never went away in the mafia."

Damian is a Capo but unlike the others, he's also very close to the big boss and is a hit man. He's a Ghost and aptly named as he comes and goes without anyone knowing he was there.

While Lily and Damian are at the centre of this tale, there's a huge chess game underway,

which deliberately starts a war among the families in the name of retribution among other things, which leads to spilled blood and many lives in upheaval.

Of course, Lily and Damian are both very much apart of it although they may be more pawns than players. I really enjoyed these two and related to Lily so quickly. I really got her struggle with having her choice taken away although she soon discovers that Damian may have been her choice all along.

These two have a connection. It's not immediately sexual although their mutual attraction is obvious. But what I liked was that there was also a kindred connection; a bond born of similar circumstance and outlooks that binds these two and builds a more meaningful connection.

"She was trying so desperately to keep from falling for him, but something about him that she couldn't deny spoke to her."

"Every sound, every goosebump and every inch of her was starting to imprint in Damian's memory like a melody he couldn't forget."

Mixed in with the power struggles, family obligations, the diversity of the families and the complex and interesting characters was also freakin' HOT chemistry between Lily and Damian. Bethany sure knows how to turn up the heat and let me tell you, one of my fave sex scenes was these two - Lily and Damian and Lily's car...

My squee moments were the Marcello mentions - golden! And Dante's cameo ( my favourite Marcello) was pricelessBethany, thank you for that delicious treat!!

I highly recommend this book to all you mafia lovers. If you want an amazing read with lots going head is still reeling but I just can't give it all away...and two sexy, smart and likable MCs, you have to read this book!!

This was a buddy read with Mafluts although I never really caught up but damn, the chase (the read) was so worth it!! xoxo

***An advance reading copy was generously provided by Bethany-Kris in exchange for an honest review.

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