Bethany-Kris - The Chicago War 3 - Scarless & Sacred

Review :

My 1st 5 star for 2016. Yay!

No one in this life walked around scarless.

I'm so glad to be back with the Outfit, although they seems to be the most messy bunch of mafia with non-stop political agenda, back-stabbing, and whatnot. It also seems like in all 4 books of The Chicago War series the heroes and heroines are all within the Outfit families. From the sound of it, it might be a recipe for repetitiveness because most of them have the same dilemma, but Bethany-Kris manage to make each story unique in itself.

Theo DeLuca who endured a tough upbringing and now having a hard time overcoming the anger and guilt for the death of his brother. Only after his family is in tattered that he realized how precious they are to him. Now he is only left with his sister, Lily DeLuca and his brother-in-law, Damian Rossi.

Evelina Conti had always been the mafia principessa who followed the rules, no matter how much she hates her father. Theo had always been in the fore front of her mind since she was 18, with the way he taunt and tease her princess attitude. However, they never take things any further because Eve know nothing will come out of it. Until, the day she found out that her father is gonna marry her off the their Outfit's front boss.

The romance is not a big part of the story, in fact I don't think they talked to each other much for the first quarter of the book, but is still a really solid one that built from a strong foundation and understanding between these two individuals. Theo spent much more time being in the midst of trouble and danger, while trying to stay ahead of whoever who wanted to off him. Eve is person who gave him much strength and hopefulness when situation seems bleak and impossible. Theo had always thought that being in a relationship means having responsibilities that he might not able to commit, but Eve taught him that you can just be who you are, scars and all.

Damian Rossi from Deathless & Divided is still my favorite hero, with his constant brooding and quiet self. A man who couldn't care less about the politics, but still loyal to his family. I'm glad that every subsequent books still featured him heavily.

Reckless & Ruined got my favorite love story. Adriano and Alessa is the classic Romeo and Juliet and their love for each other is so pure and untainted.

However, if I were to rate my favorite book for this series to date, I would say Scarless & Sacred! Not only that the romance works for me, I love reading the dance they both having around each other before they are together, I was also sucked into the whole Outfit politics, from the bad guys, Riley and Joel, to the good guys, Tommas and Damian. I also get so much from Theo's POV, his childhood, his adult life, him missing his brother and struggling to make things right for his family once and for all. My heart just hurts for him.

The next book will be the last of Chicago Wars, but I'm not ready for their story to end. Although with so much death, I'm suppose we need a closure for them.

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