Bethany-Kris - The Chicago War 4 - Breathless & Bloodstained

Review :

Four families; two volcanic forces, battling for the right to lead the Chicago syndicate. Everyone else... collateral damage. Bethany-Kris once again has gone above and beyond in this explosive showdown and left us readers utterly speechless.

Being boss was Joel Trentini right. It was in his blood, his entitlement, those who refused him would learn first hand what happened to those who crossed him.

There's something I need from you, Ella. All you have to do is give me what I have asked for, and the rest will go away. This is mine-the Outfit, the families. They're mine."

All Abriella Trentini wanted in life was freedom and Tommy. The first was overruled by her power grabbing brother and his quest to take a seat that wasn't rightfully his. And much as she loved him, knew she was nothing more than a dirty little secret!

Tommas Rossi wasn't a man to be fucked with! His day's of dealing with the wanna be boss were fastly numbered. If he happened to get bloody in the process, well they didn't call him bloody Tommas for nothing. He would claim what was rightfully his, he'd waited four years, four impossible long years. Just like with the war... his waiting was over!

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