Bethany-Kris - The Guzzi Legacy 1 - Corrado

Review :

Les and Corrado. Corrado and Les. Corrado, Les, and Ginevra. Oh, these three killed me. Their emotions, their stories, the tangled, tangled webs that Corrado wove. I loved it all.
In the beginning, I enjoyed learning more about the League, what the training process was like. Then thrown into all that was Les. This man that Corrado couldn't quite figure out, but knew he wanted like nothing else. Their relationship, what they each gave and took was so interesting to read. Interesting, and hot. They were rough, but somehow still soft.
Then came Ginevra. Something neither Les or Corrado expected. And she began feeling things that she never expected, especially with everything that was going on in her life. But emotions rose, becoming more apparent than ever before, and bonds were tested, with what was said and unsaid.
Cannot wait for the next book.

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