Bethany-Kris - The Guzzi Legacy 2 - Alessio

Review :

So let me just say that Les is my favorite. And the only reason he is my favorite is because he picks fights for attention. You see this im here Corrado, book 1 of this duet, but since this book is "Alessio", thought I would point that out.

This is what happens after. After her.

Corrado is in this weird place where Les and Ginny haven't really figured it out yet but by the end of the book they obviously do.

I love Corrado and it's fun to see him suffer a bit I love the dynamic that this MMF has. It's so different to read but it's not something way out there. It's normal at least for Les and Ginny and Corrado.

I LOVE how this ended. I love the way that they all got a hea.


Just thought I would put that out there that this book (and Corrado, Book 1) is not a love triangle. It's no where close.

Enjoy Les! 5 stars all around!

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