Bethany-Kris - The Guzzi Legacy 5 - Bene

Review :

AHHH! I legit die for this Guzzi series. There is something about the family, specifically the brothers that has me obsessed. I love the way they love one another and their partners that has me swooning every damn time. I was so on love with Bene and Vanna. Their chemistry was INFERNO hot but their banter and connection was on another level! I FLOVED this story!

After reading Beni, I honestly knew that Bene's story would rock my world. His feelings of abandonment and the dark place he was left in when Beni left had me dying for his story. And after reading it all I can say is Bethany Kris knocked it out of the park! Her writing is flawless and the way she allowed us into both Vanna and Bene's hearts and minds just killed me. This story was so raw and honest. I loved this story and how real it was. What a fabulous addition to the Guzzi series!

What I especially loved was how both Bene and Vanna were the respective safe place they both needed when their worlds were in turmoil. Bene made Vanna forget the hate that was ingrained in her and a decades old vendetta. Likewise, Vanna was the balm that Bene's soul needed when his life was upside down. I love how they found love stability and comfort in one another when they needed it most.

All in all, this story was FIRE. It was angsty, swoony and SO SO sexy. I loved it and am SO HERE FOR MARCUS! OMG. I know his story may kill me! Bravo! 5 stars! ~Ratula 

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