Bethany-Kris - The Russian Guns 1 - The Arrangement

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The Bratva Prince, Anton Avdonin and the Cosa Nostra Princess, Viviana Carducci are to marry, the decision is made when they're aged four and two respectively.
They meet again fourteen years later and this is when the troubled Prince falls in love with his Princess and this meeting changes his life and makes him the man he becomes.
When sixteen year old Viviana or Vine as she's know sneaks into Anton's bed and gives him her virginity he tells her:
"Giving this to me makes you mine, Vine. I don't care about who comes after, or the in- betweens. Not when we both know I'm going to be your last."
Tragedy strikes and Viviana believes the agreement is gone and she's been left all alone but Anton is watching her every move and keeping her safe and when it looks like she's in danger he swoops in and rescues her.
Sounds like a fairytale
Yes it does the prince and Princess meet and fall in love, a love that never dies, but the Prince is Bratva and his life is one of violence, crime and secrets, the Princess is also born into this life and knows how to kill and keep quiet when required.
How could I not love this book, romance is my genre and here we have a boy who falls in love at eighteen and he continues to love her as he grows into a man, it makes him who he is and he'd do anything for her and he's chosen well Viviana is a fabulous female character, strong, intelligent and not a remote hint of stupid anywhere. They are truly made for each other and once I'd got past the beginning I loved every page and can't wait to start the next one 'The Life'
While I loved the blurb I struggled a bit with the beginning to the extend where I stopped and put it aside and read another book, I'm not sure exactly what it was or why it took me a while to get into this book but it did, I'm so glad I pushed on because once I'd settled into it I just loved it.
This is a romance with enough story to keep it interesting it's also hot as Anton and Viviana can't get enough of each other.
Be warned it is a 'to be continued' but all the books are on KU.

#### I'm adding this to the bottom of my reviews for this series.
I checked the authors page which isn't something I generally do but I wanted to know if we were getting any more Russian Guns books. On the site there's 9 mini free reads/deleted scene books from this series and one in particular 'White Sand Black Beauty' is just beautiful it takes us to the second time Anton and Viviana meet, he's eighteen and rebelling against everything and then he sees her.....

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