Bethany-Kris - The Russian Guns 5 - Shattered

Review :

It was perfect, a fucking awesome read!! I was so hooked from the first page!! I didn't want it to end!! I loved as a character Demyan from the day he borned (from previous books) and I was so happy that he had a second chance in love because he was totally worth it!! A loyal man, a Pakhan with honour following his father steps and legacy!!!
What can I say for this author.....Certainly she is one of my favourites!! She knows how to captivate you .....I have read almost all of her now I can say that I am addicted to her writing, to her tales!! I love the fact that every book of hers has a amazing end! I love the fact that every book of hers includes drugs, weapons, murders, bombs, arrange marriages (a true mafia tale) but most of all, I love the fact that each book of hers includes so much love,  passion and every character of each book loves hard, forever and unconditional!!
Also I remember while reading my first book of hers, I could feel the respect (from the characters) that this author has for trafficking victims and that is smth that has earned me totally!!!
So.....A Huge Bravo! A MUST read for sure!!!

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