Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell, Ken Ham - Answers Book for Teens

Review :

More and more young people are questioning their faith, and ultimately most end up walking away from God and Church. It's no surprise, when you consider how much we are bombarded with a secular or evolutionist worldview. Schools, friends, media...even many Churches are teaching a theistic evolution, which only serves to confuse the young people even more. It is so important that we have the answers, and help teenagers to understand that God's Word is perfect, and that if we approach life from the authority of the Bible, everything makes sense! To help parents, Sunday School teachers, and concerned Christians, New Leaf Publishing just released a book called Answers Book For Teens. This is a book I highly recommend every teenager read! It should be in every Church/Sunday School library.

Written by Tommy Mitchell, Bodie Hodge and Ken Ham, this book is designed to catch a teen's eye and draw their interest from the very start. The book is in a question/answer style, and presents solid Biblical answers for 15 of the most common questions young people ask. These include Why does a good God allow bad things (pain, suffering, etc.) Why would God punish everyone for Adam's sin How can we know Jesus is the only way to God and Who has the most evidence-creationists or evolutionists I read the entire book in 1 day, and appreciated that it's not so long a teenager will lose interest. While the authors' don't apologize for their firm stand on God's Word, they also approach each subject with a caring heart. This book is written in a way that won't "turn off" a person who is searching, but also won't give them an excuse if they choose to follow their own way.

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