Bombs over Bikini The World

Review :

Bombs Over Bikini provides a powerful account of a lesser known human-caused disaster than remains with us today. After World War II, there was still a lot that the military and scientists didn't know about nuclear bombs. As a result, a program was set up to test what happens when a nuclear bomb goes off under a variety of circumstances. Unfortunately, due to a series of poor decisions and the manipulation of native peoples the results contaminated a number of islands in the Bikini Atoll. Even today several of the islands remain uninhabitable. This book reminded me strongly that using such power needs to be done responsibly and in a thoughtful manner.

The book is beautifully designed with photographs, side notes of interest, and crisply written text. The source notes, works cited page, glossary, and additional resources provide evidence that the author has clearly done her work well. The publisher also provides additional resources for those who want to use the book in education. A great nonfiction account on a controversial topic.

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