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Since I often speak with teenagers regarding Internet safety, I am intrigued by their common willingness to take risks even though they've been taught, warned, and shown why certain actions could be harmful to them. So when I was offered an early copy of Jess Shatkin's book, Born to be Wild, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more from this nationally recognized adolescent psychiatrist and author. Additionally, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about both his book and his experience as an author. To read the interview, visit my site:

My favorite way to read a nonfiction book is with Post-it flags and a pencil, because I love to flag compelling statements and I like to write notes to myself, reminding me of personal epiphanies I had while reading. The problem with this particular book was . . . I ran out of Post-its, because I had trouble using only one per page!

Dr. Jess Shatkin shares profound concepts regarding the teenager's inclination to take risks on nearly every page of his new book, Born to be Wild.

Dr. Shatkin's easy-to-read narrative combines anecdotes and scientific details to explain elements of the teenage psyche. For example, he utilizes a story about trying chocolate for the first time and relates that to how dopamine influences our future choices. Furthermore, he explains, "One of the most significant distinctions between adolescents and adults is the amount of dopamine flowing in different parts of the brain." (page 47) "Because the dopamine system of an adolescent is at its pinnacle and will never be this responsive again, novelty really rocks their world." (page 66)

Born to be Wild not only explores why teens take risks, it also gives effective tools for adults who care about the young people in their lives, offering ways to teach resiliency and provide guidance.

Parents, educators, and leaders of adolescents would benefit from reading Born to be Wild, which delivers thoughtful and scientific insights into the behavior of young adults and offers beneficial ways to help them through these turbulent years.

I highly recommend Born to be Wild by Jess P. Shatkin.

[Thank you to FSB Associates for providing me with a copy of this book for review. This in no way influenced my opinion.]

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