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Is there a heart of trauma Or is the way we approach our own traumas and those of others one of the most challenging and most revealing testimonies of our hearts
In The Heart of Trauma, trauma therapist and writer Bonnie Badenoch held my attention from the very first page to the very last.
She reminds us that the effects of trauma persist throughout our body, mind and soul when we are left alone to experience the most unimaginable, terrifying and brutal aspects of life. It is through the companionship of another, who accompanies us to those places from an attuned and co-regulated place, that we are most likely to heal.
In a world that increasingly encourages technique and symptom management over compassion and the art of therapy, this book takes its important place as a reminder of the need for humanity and care, as well as therapeutic expertise.
Weaving neuroscience, mindfulness and relationality with the skills of therapy, Bonnie Badenoch provides an essential and priceless guide to the compassionate and heartfelt core of trauma therapy and trauma healing.

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