Code Name Hacker (Jameson Forc - Sawyer Bennett

Review :

Sawyer Bennett is a beast people. This woman can write anything and it is always an enjoyable experience. I've read (and reread) a ton of her work and I am always floored by the diversity of tropes/storylines and consistency in her style and voice. She never waivers. That's what gets you an auto-buy from me. She won that auto-buy status years ago!

This series should be read in order. Technically, the books are standalones, but no. This series as a whole and its stories, are way more than what you might think they are. This holds true particularly in this story. There's more to Bebe and Griffin. There's more to Jameson Security. There's just more so pay attention, k :)

Everything in this story had me gripped. The suspense/conflict unfolded perfectly and the relationship between Bebe and Griffin grew organically with just as much sweetness as sexy! I couldn't get enough of them while at the same time I was on pin and needles for what was to come next! This is a really great story and an excellent addition to what is already an outstanding series!

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