Codependent No More Workbook by Melody Beattie

Review :

Codependent No More, written by Melody Beattie, is an inspiring novel for those that suffer the repercussions from or cause the problems that are associated with alcoholism and other addictions. I was greatly inspired by the advice that Beattie shared. She gives many examples of individuals who have struggled with codependency. The greatest aspect of Beattie's writing is the ability it has to help the reader to do a self-assessment. She lists off beliefs that codependents form because of their situations. She also gives healthy tools to help readers change these unhelpful beliefs and helps them to see that there is a better way that life can be lived. Everyone deserves to feel loved.

I would describe myself as codependent. In the past, I struggled to know if there was a way I could be happier in life. The tools that I have learned through this novel have allowed me to have the strength to turn my life around. I am now able to fully love myself, I have accepted that my past is in the past and I now have hope for the future. This novel is empowering and motivating. Beattie is an advocate for self-love. She helps the reader to see that change is possible. We do not have to live our lives taking care of people. We do not have to have to live in a state of constant anger or sadness because of the way our life has turned out. Life is meant to be much more gratifying than that. Beattie comes from a place of personal experience and has applied the advice she shares. One of my favorite quotes from the novel is as follows, "Eliminate the reactions that will hurt you." I have personally applied this principle and my life has improved in leaps and bounds. I would strongly advise every individual to read this novel and begin on the path of learning greater self-love.

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