Cold Iron Heart

Review :

The prequel takes us back to the world of Wicked Lovely, focussing on Irial, the king of the Dark Court.

Thelma is trying to be an independent artist but that's hard in a man's world in historic New Orleans. It's even harder having the Sight and seeing the magical, beautiful but cruel fairy creatures everywhere. To the struggle of providing for herself comes this wondrous, tempting male fairy following her...

I was very excited for the prequel of the Wicked Lovely series, especially after reading the WL short story Love Hurts some weeks before (which is also included in this book). The book tells an entirely new story line focusing on Irial and the Dark Court in a New Orleans setting several decades back in time. I loved the story which brought back the wonderful characters and their emotional relations. If you liked the WL series you will love this as well. I only wished at some times the book would have taken more time to lay out its scenes (I was just done so quickly).

I loved getting back to the world of Wicked Lovely with another setting and my favourite character as the protagonist! And I'd be just as excited for more books and short stories for the series. Melissa Marr definitely gave some loose ends and plot twists that would make great starting points for new stories. I'll desperately be waiting for more!

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