Counterculture Through the Ages - Ken Goffman

Review :

An excellent and very interesting overview of several different countercultures throughout time (up till it was written in 2003). Goffman (aka RU Serious, former editor of the '90s techno-rave culture magazine Mondo 2000) analyzes, probes, and exposes all the favorites: Prometheus, Abraham, the Taoists, Zen Buddhists, Sufis, Troubadors, Transcendentalists, beatniks, hippies, punks, ravers, and SO much more!

What a fun gallop throughout time, weaving through history common threads of anti-authoritarianism and poignant pranksterism.

I'd give this one star off for not being super-duper-utterly comprehensive (what about reggae what about tantra and the yogis deeper still, what about the yoginis) ... but I enjoyed the book too much to dis it even a little bit. Definitely a favorite! My copy, new when I started, is now well-worn and dog-eared like mad :-)

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