Damn! Why Didnt I Write That H

Review :

I love this book! If you are thinking about writing a non-fiction book, this is the book for you. Damn, Why Didn't I Write That! is full of relevant information, interesting assides and useful knowledge for the writer considering writing a non-fiction book. It's funny, encouraging and engaging writing.

The book focuses primarily on marketing, and how to make money as a writer as opposed to the "craft of writing." Since I was in it for the information on the business of writing, I was quite happy. Marc McCutcheon has done his homework, and you are the beneficiary! I used some of his information in my book, Self-Publising for Virgins. Great book and rates a ten on the "dent" scale. (The dent scale is my method of measuring the usefulness of a non-fiction book by assessing the numbe of "dents" or dog-eared pages, paper clips, highlighted passages, and post-it-noted pages). This book looked like an accordion when I was finsihed. Great read.

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