Deep Thinking Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins by Garry Kasparov, Mig Greengard

Review :

"The human mind isn't a computer; it cannot progress in an orderly fashion down a list of candidate moves and rank them by a score down to the hundredth of a pawn the way a chess machine does. Even the most disciplined human mind wanders in the heat of competition. This is both a weakness and a strength of human cognition. Sometimes these undisciplined wanderings only weaken your analysis. Other times they lead to inspiration, to beautiful or paradoxical moves that were not on your initial list of candidates."

Garry Kasparov's Deep Thinking gives us an insightful account of the grand game of chess and the history of artificial intelligence. It is done in a fun way and also in an educational capacity whether he is writing about the Trump election or automated assistants such as Ok Google, Alexa or Siri. Gary also gives the reader great detail about the competitiveness and strategies that come with Chess while exploring the past rivalry between America and the Soviet Union. (The more aggressive approach to Chess, for players in the past regarding the Soviet Union, when it came to current or upcoming grandmasters in the world of Chess...)

The human mind has a way of doing things, when it comes to intuition, speculative posturing, planning and strategized improvisation when compared to the raw efficiency regarding a chess app or program. The comparison that explores strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the human mind and those accompanying an artificial opponent is of vital interest and importance.
I'm reminded of one of the more recent prodigies (In the deep learning world...) AlphaGo which learnt the game of chess and history of the game mastering all possibilities, when it comes to possible moves, in the great game. In many ways surpassing human players, where decisions are made in mere milliseconds.

Overall, without giving too much away Deep Learning: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity begins, is an instant favourite for me, from Garry Kasparov. Whether it is his vivid account of the famous match between him or Deep Blue or his encounters with the first computers that would be used for chess research and practice this is a tantalising and up to date autobiographical marvel. (It also doesn't shy away from political matters or personal affairs which was both compelling and rewarding...)
It has humour and it has its serious moments but what is all together clear is the love of chess and the intimate relationship humanity has with artificial intelligence which is echoed in many of us chess enthusiasts and lovers of the game.

"To become good at anything you have to know how to apply basic principles. To become great at it, you have to know when to violate those principles."

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