discipline equals freedom

Review :

A daily dose of motivation

Not a traditional book as the first section consists of one or two page chapters based on a singular motivational topic. But lovely and concise for the purpose of motivating and guiding people without boring them or overwhelming them. I'd recommend this to everyone but especially the sort of person who struggles to stick with a book because their mind wanders. I found Jocko's advice on point and reading a couple of pages is enough to turn my lazy negative mindset around. I aim to reread a couple of pages everyday to keep progressing mentally and, as a result of the motivation, physically in the right direction.

The book is more than simple motivation as it provides advice on training and diet as well with an appendix including training plans for a variety of exercise experience.

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to overcome laziness and underachievment. It's a not a book that will turn you into a world beater but it will make you want to become a better version of yourself!

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