Review :

Harold Evans, former editor of the Sunday Times of London, presents a beneficial (not at all didactic) book on how to make writing sparkle with as few words as possible in appropriately, "Do I Make Myself Clear: Why Writing Well Matters."

Evans discharges mountains of examples of bloated words and hackneyed terms to avoid, along with "dozy verbs in the passive voice" with chapters titled: "Be Specific," "Tools of the Trade" "Pleonasms" (more words than necessary), along with a list of "flesh-eaters" to avoid, such as "Has/Have" instead of "In the Possession of," "Together with" instead of "In conjunction with," "During/While" instead of "In the course of."

Evans, of course, displays his signature British humor by underscoring glaring examples of bad writing; not to condemn, but merely to emphasize the landmines many of us unwittingly fall into.

Not only are we greatly entertained, we are bestowed with some highly valued tools of the trade, which every writer needs, every now and again.

Bill Lucey

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