Encyclopedia of prostitution and sex work vol 1 vol 2 on politicalavenue do

Review :

This is the second volume set of the Encyclopedia of prostitution and Sex works, that I review before. the second volume goes from the letter O to the last of Alphabets.

The second volume goes deeper in stating the Political situation, starting with Palermo Protocol, and Psychological aspects including Paraphilias, and several aspects, that relates to this domain. Including Race and Ethnicity in relation to prostitution, Racial sexual stereotypes, in addition to the religious aspects, here in this section the Encyclopedia examine all the religions and their point of view toward prostitution. Romantic literature also signed its presence in the second volume. though several personalities will come across the run.

Positive and Negative aspects:
Concerning the second volume the encyclopedia continues to provide the readers with all the views that may come across the mind concerning the examined subject. However, the psychological aspect goes deeper in this volume by stating all the Paraphilias and Fetishes, Psychological abnormalities including Sadomasochism,and so on. Generally the Encyclopedia worth being the main reference for all the researchers who want to explore the Historical facts and Information of Prostitution as social matter.

My Personal Reaction:
Concerning my view in this Second volume. I would reveal that I get an enormous information concerning this matter. The fact is, as being a literature fun I come across several writers who deals with this matter in different position. Anyway, I consider this Encyclopedia as my reference concerning all the information that relates to Prostitution, Besides I would thanks the writer and the contributors for being so nice to devote their time for searching all the information that relates to Prostitution and Sex Works. It's a really nice publication that worths being in the shelves. Again its a vague information for all persons who want to explore the aspects of this old profession.

Concerning the second volume of this Encyclopedia, I would recommend it to those who want to explore the Psychological and Historical aspect of Prostitution in the whole world. Even if there is much focus on the United States and its peripheries, again it would be nice to have a glimpse about the difficulties and the hard conditions that faces prostitutes in their work environment. I don't have the intention again to say that Minors are not welcomed to explore this Subject.

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