End of Days (Penryn and the End of Days Book Three) - Susan Ee

Review :

Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

I came in without any expectation and went home with so much more than I gambled for. I ended up being such a good fan. Most trilogies usually start with a bang, but when it comes to the conclusion, it becomes a train wreck. Susan Ee surpassed that wildest expectation without even trying.

End of Days follows shortly after where World After left it off, Penryn and Raffe are trying to find a doctor that could stitch back Raffe's angel wings and to find a cure for her sister Paige. They are on the run. And angels are trying to unleash a civil war that could extinct the human race. Will Penryn and Raffe work together or against each other

From what I gathered from all the apocalyptic novels I've read, they are usually intense and can be very boring. Susan Ee redefines this genre. She takes the banal aspect and turn it into something unbelievable fun. I was laughing, swooning, my knees are buckling, I was getting emotional with the characters. All these fervor are all over me.

The characters are enthralling and well written. When I read stories, one of the most important things I highly regard is the portrayal of its characters. I look for something authentic. And oh boy, this bunch of characters are so fun to read even the despicable ones. Though I have to say, Penryn, Raffe, her mom, Paige and Beliel are my favorites.

The romance will have everyone moaning. It. Is. Everything. And. More.

Favorite Quote:

"If you're worried about pervs breaking into the house, it's not going to make a difference whether I'm in this outfit or in baggy jeans or sweatshirt. Either they're decent human beings or they're not. Their actions are on them."

"It'll be tough for them to take any action while I'm plummeting their faces. Disrespect will not be tolerated."

End of Days is not to be missed. Fans of Susan Ee will certainly won't be disappointed in this swashbuckling conclusion.

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