English Grammar Exercises with answers Part 1 Your quest towards C2

Review :

A return to grammatically correct communication

Author Daniel B. Smith offers one of the more creative English grammar books available. Instead of lecturing to the read he teaches by offering exercises or choices - 2500 different exercises giving the reader the opportunity to become involved in hot only the grammar but sentence structure.

Some examples of this clever technique of teaching follow:

1037. too many questions asked during the meeting
a) Was
b) Did
c) Were

352. his wife pregnant
a) Was
b) Were
c) Have

188. She them an offer.
a) did
b) made
c) does

As Daniel states in his Introduction, 'The main purpose of this book series is to provide you an impressive and invaluable collection of English Grammar multiple-choice exercises. This book comprises different items and will take you on a beautiful journey towards improving your English. The following subjects have been created with regard to Present simple, Past simple, Future simple, Present continuous, Basic English structures, Modal verbs, Passive voice, Conditionals, Short answers, Adverbs, Adjectives, Numbers, Prepositions, Tag questions and Infinitive and Verb+ing.

In this era of obsession with communicating on the social media with acronyms it is refreshing to discover an author whose compulsion is to improve our grammar. This is a fun and educational book.

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