Food and Mood Eating Your Way Out of Depression

Review :

My patient Caitlin directed me to this review. First, I LOVE This book and use it with my patients ALL of the time. Dr. Stair is exceptionally bright, beyond witty, beyond her years, and always challenges systems. I've followed her work for a while. She's Big Pharma's worst nightmare, because she calls out bad research and Pharm propaganda left and right. I read The Truth About Drug Companies, written by an M.D., which was my first introduction to how corrupt the system is. WOW. Also, her dry wit and sarcasm are hilarious. If you get a chance to catch her stand-up routine, do it, because she talks a lot about the Pharmaceutical-Medical As-for-Profit complex, and it's hilarious. And she will offend you, but hey, that's comedy.

This short book is easy to read and gives you basic food tips that you can add to your diet, while offering you theories why. There are no absolutes, which I love, because she's HONEST. There is no doubt that food is mood. That's been proven in multiple studies, especially the large, recently published randomized controlled trial showing that the Mediterranean Diet prevents depression. In fact, dietary recommendations have tremendously helped some of my patients that CHOOSE to follow them. I also like that Dr. Stair doesn't recommend supplements, like many "wellness" folks do. She clearly says to do your homework. Just as she says that there is no "objective" test for low serotonin ( or any brain chemical for that matter) , she points out that that folks often don't know they are "low" or even "high" in a nutrient before supplementing.

I read the other review on here ( came up in my feed) about omega 3 fatty acids. Dr. Stair does NOT contradict herself. She says that there is no documented harm or documented overdosing on Omega 3 fatty acids ( that is TRUE.) She then says that one study showed a negative correlation between FISH ( not supplements) and depression, and then EXPLAINS that correlation by what the RESEARCHERS themselves said: That correlation could be explained by a HIGH content of Mercury. You do have to worry about mercury in fish.

She is WAY ahead of the game when it comes to destroying myths as to what causes depression. In fact, the latest research only supports her theories, and psychiatry ( sadly) is endangered. I doubt psychiatry will be around in the next 30 years, and if it is, it will look like something much different. There will be tons of lawsuits, too, for the damage caused by SSRIs ( they don't work better than placebo) and Benzos ( a current epidemic) and more.

I applaud her for having the courage to go up against the monster that is Big Pharma and for all the people (especially kids who get medicated at early ages ( like my son) ) who she is helping. She is a pioneer, and I'll read anything she writes.

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