Freefall - Jessica Barry

Review :


This is my first review of the new year and what a read it was, this one begs to be read in one breathless sitting, a total binge read. From the brief, incredibly fast paced chapters to the switch between points of view it's a truly entertaining read with a fresh premise, what more could you want!

This flips between Allison for one chapter and then her mother Maggie the next, Allison's story begins from the minute her plane crashes and Maggie's from the moment she finds out about the accident. As Allison fights to stay alive you slowly and steadily find out about her life over the past few years and the events that led to to the crash while simultaneously Maggie struggles to piece together what her daughter had been doing for the past two years. I was so invested in these two women and so eager to find out what was really going on, both possessed an inner strength that was remarkable and then add in a super tense environment for both women and I was all in.

While I did see a few things coming, the author did shock me in the end, and the aspects I did work out on my own didn't take away from my enjoyment whatsoever. A really impressive debut, recommended for fans of pacey, exciting thrillers.

Freefall in three words: Entertaining, Dynamic and Fast.

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