George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens] Animal Farm

Review :

I love 1984, I love Animal Farm, and I love George Orwell. There is so much wisdom and depth to these two stories and there is so much that has been written or said about them, it would be a struggle to review them without subconsciously regurgitating all the good things I've heard. I just feel like both of these stories, and especially 1984 should be read by everyone. I believe it helps you appreciate what you got and to question everything you hear. I believe they are some of the most thought provoking stories ever written and they're also fun to read, which sometimes isn't the case for a lot of the literary books people tell you that you should read.

I recall once when my friend Winston (I actually have a friend named Winston, I'm not referring to the protagonist of 1984,) had to read 1984 and was kind of down about it because he heard it was just political satire or something and he presumed it would be dull. I told him that I really enjoyed it and I assumed he would too. And when he was finished with it, he came up to me and told me how when he finished-- he had tears streaming down his eyes from how much it had touched him and that he loved it.

And, even after having finished it for a 2nd time, I had tears welling up and my heart strings were being tugged and my love for these stories has only grown. These are the types of stories that turn people into readers. The endings for both of them are probably my two favorite endings of all time and I feel that would be a crime not to mention.


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