George's cosmic treasure hunt

Review :

Excellent. Just as good as the first in this series, which, like this one, was a "read-aloud" book with my 6yo daughter. We will now look for #3 in the series.

In this one, George and Annie (along with a new friend Emmett) use the super-computer "Cosmos" to create a portal for George and Annie to travel around the universe, in search of scavenger hunt clues, which perhaps are coming from extra terrestrial life The messages take them to various planets and locations (moons also) where human beings may be able to live: Mars, Triton (Saturn's moon), Alpha Centauri (next solar system next to ours, only 4 light years away), and, finally, another planet which is 41 light years away.

This series is extremely read-able and full of lots of suspense and excitement. It keeps both my interest and my daughter's also!

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