George's secret key to the universe

Review :

What an easy way to study science in a intresting book. During the reading I learned things that I never thought would. Educational science was the principal idea of Lucy and Stephen the authors of this book. We should take care of our planet because if we dont it will be better difficult for us humans to find another place to leave. George secret key to the universe is a book that helps us reflect in our actions towards our planet. A lot of information is being transmitted to us thanks to the knowledge of scientists and the wonderful job of Lucy and Stephen. George helps us understand that we need everyones help because eventhough one can make a difference the planet consequences is everyones foult. I like when George discuses the difficult way to find a planet where to live if we keep acting like we are doing. A funny consequence that george gives us is that if we go to live to Mercury, one day lasts four 59 days of our earths day. Imagine that, if one day at school lasted 59 days that will be prety awful!!!

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