Guide to Economics

Review :

Thomas Sowell is a genius. I knew that going into this book, but now I'm completely convinced. In the spirit of refusing to be passively educated by pop culture and the media, I have decided to educate myself on hot topics by reading material from authorities on the subject. Thomas Sowell and this book fit into that profile (and, yes, I am that much of a geek that I'm exclaiming over an economics book!).

Please note that, although this is not written in high academic prose, it is still not happy-fluffy-after-work reading. It is, however, a book in which Sowell does a wonderful job of covering the basic workings of economic principles, a subject that is so often poorly understood and so often easily misconstrued. In plain English, Sowell explains an economic principle and then illustrates how that principle operates, frequently contrasting the reactions of a capitalistic economy and a socialistic economy. If I could create a required reading list for Americans concerned with their future and their children's future, this would be among the top books on that list.

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