Helen Hardt - Steel Brothers Saga 7 - Shattered

Review :

Received ARC from Netgalley to give a honest review after reading. Thank you netgalley, publisher, and author, Helen Hardt for the chance.

First off I've to say I have never read Helen's books and for that I'm sorry and I feel completely stupid for not reading her books after reading Shattered. I also want to thank author Meredith Wild for introducing me to Helen Hardt's work. This book had the moment I open the first page. Ryan and Ruby both have troubling past one they both wish they could forget and so would Ryan's family. I instantly fell for Ryan Steele his sweet, sexy, caring, and also has my husband's name(bonus.) Ruby is a tough cop who's father is someone anyone would want to put down. A weekend of celebrating with Steele's family brings Ryan and Ruby together but will secrets, fears, and the past of ghost shattered them After reading this I want to go back to the beginning and know all the brothers stories. Helen helps readers who haven't read the other books get the glimpse of what they miss with this book. This book made me fall in love, cry, smile, fan myself, and made me scream for more. I can't wait to dive into more of her work and read this series from the beginning.

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