Here and Now and Then

Review :

Y'all, I have a special place in my heart for time travel and I love reading about future tech. It's the reason I love Black Mirror so much--seeing possibilities.

I don't read nearly enough speculative fiction and Here and Now and Then has given me the nudge I needed.

One of the things that made this book so enjoyable for me is that there is plenty of technology involved, but we don't get bogged down in specs and the kind of extraneous detail that sometimes makes my eyes glaze over.

I think it works so well because although time travel is the glue that holds the story together, I would consider it the B plot. 

The A plot is more about family and relationships, love and sacrifice, and all the joy and pain that comes with it.

The cast of characters are strong enough that I really cared about all of them. The empathy I felt made Kin's mission feel as important to me as it was to him, and that is a rare treat.

This is a fast paced, fun read, but it's also touching and evocative.

Here and Then and Now is another debut novel that is just superb. The writing is on point and the dialogue is seamless, and despite it's future/past setting, it's quite believable.

5/5 stars. Expected date of publication is January 29th, 2019.

I received an ARC from MIRA Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed are mine.

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