High Voltage - Karen Marie Moning

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Disclaimer: I am completely 100% biased where this series is concerned. I am a baby about it and overly-sensitive about haterade. I know, I'm working on it! :) <3 So, my review is clearly clouded with the eyes of a total fangirl (although I have had criticisms about the series in the past).

SO GOOD. Ugly cry because of good feels. I love Dani so much. I think people who are into mysticism and spirituality, reincarnation, basically new age "woo-woo" stuff will like this book more. I'm ALL ABOUT the idea of being in the stars and creating planets and "threads" connecting you to other significant people in your life.

This book is very feely and emotional and introspective and philosophical. We spend a lot of time in Dani's head. Being in her head is much better for me. Dani is a "deep thinker" and I have often spent hours wondering about what comes next, what else is out there.

This book just worked for me on so many levels and it was a huge bonus that it was so, for lack of a less cheesy word, deep . There is just SO much emotion that KMM poured out into this book and into Dani and her story.

I think this is the most romantically-worded book in the Fever series. If you don't ship Dani and Ryodan, you will not like the romance. It is epic. I thought it was, anyways. I think they are - finally - ready and perfect for each other.

I kind of liked the old gods coming back thing. I much prefer this version than American Gods. Blasphemy, I know. It just feels like the start of something new and fresh to me. I am so in for whatever happens next.

I felt very MEH about the last few books, but was over the moon about this one. It's a little long, but I adored it. I'm such a huge Dani fangirl now. I love who she has become. She truly is the superhero she wanted to be and got the love she always deserved.

SPOILERS through end of book: (view spoiler)[ I LOVE that Dani became a Hunter!!!! I want to become a Hunter. What they do is so moving. All the feels.

I used to ship Dancer, but I am Team Ryodan all the way after this. I loved their romance and finally communicating and becoming eternal partners. I don't mind at all the things that have been added that might not tie with previous books. It still worked for me.

I'm curious to find out if Rae is Cruce's or Sean's I loved finding out more about the Nine (they don't need to breathe much and can go over a year with out eating!). (hide spoiler)]

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Okay, so this is a mid-pre-review based on the first 50%... I'm loving it! I actually think I like being in adult Dani's head more than Mac's. So far... fingers crossed... this is my favorite since Shadowfever. KMM is such a great writer.

A cover a cover a cover! *flails*

From KMM's Facebook: "A novel set in the Fever World, a few years after the Song of Making was sung by the High Queen of the Fae, featuring Dani O'Malley and Ryodan."

I know there are some Ryodan haters out there, but I don't care. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fangirling.

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