Review :

One of my top5 books I read so far. It really shaked some beliefs about my worldview and it gave really practical advice how to find your personal freedom in life.

Everything comes with an price, it depends if you are willing to pay the price. Being free as well as unfree have their price-tag on them.

After all, stop trying to change the system. Stop trying to change people. Rather improve the relationships with people you just have common values. To find those quality relationships you firstly have to know yourself, that you can express yourself. If you don't know who you are, how should somebody else know

There are plenty more golden nuggets in this book. Living honestly with others and yourself. Seeing live for it's beauty, and the freedom it has to offer...

There will be probably some parts you won't agree with, but hey, this helps you to find what you value even easier ;)

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